Nov 03

Press Release Awards Won by Local Company.

Glevum Heating WINNERS at the National Renewable Awards 2014

Glevum were rewarded for the second year running for best ASHP installer, and

were delighted by the recognition these awards bring to the team at Glevum, Craig

Smith a director said “it proves a local company can compete with the big PLC

Company’s and still provide that local service that’s so important”.

Glenn smith owner of Glevum added “The success of Glevum heating’s renewable

division is now recognised nationally, we are now a leading company in this market

and it’s a tribute to all the hard work and effort that all the team have contributed

over the past few years”

Glevum can offer expertise and knowledge in all fields of renewable technologies,

and welcome any enquiries relating to solutions that save both money and reduce

carbon emissions to the customer.

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