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Glevum Heating and Nest

Your home keeps you safe. Warm. Comfortable. But what if it could do more? What if it knew you? And what you liked? Imagine if it could help you. If it could take care of things for you. Turn down the heating. Tell you if there’s trouble. This is the kind of home that we’re creating. A more thoughtful home.

Meet the Nest Learning Thermostat.

The new Nest Thermostat learns what you like and creates a schedule for your home. So it helps you save energy. And with a larger display and a sharper resolution, it’s simply beautiful.

How does it work?

No more programming.
Just turn it up and down.
With Auto-Schedule, Nest learns from you and programs itself.

Control it remotely.
Change the temperature from anywhere using your mobile, tablet or laptop.

Check your Energy History.
See how much energy you used and why. The more you know, the more you can save.

Say goodbye to guessing.
True Radiant turns the heat on just in time to reach the temperature you want, when you want.

Save while you’re away.
Don’t heat an empty home. Auto-Away adjusts the temperature after you leave.

Manage your hot water.
Nest can control your hot water tank. You can even adjust the hot water schedule from your mobile.

Hello, Leaf.
Know you’re saving energy. Look for the Nest Leaf when you change the temperature.

Get it installed.
The Nest Thermostat should be installed by a professional. Find a local pro at

Watch the Nest system

Download more information

Want more information? Simply download the Nest PDF documents below.

Consumer Brochure

Thermostat Spec Sheet

What our clients say

Phil, I just want to write to you about the service that Glevum Heating provided to me:

The surveyor came to the house promptly and was so helpful in explaining everything to me really clearly.

I had received other quotes but the Glevum quote surprised me, compared with the others it was so reasonable.

The engineers were amazing. They took care of my property and did an excellent job. I returned from holiday and they had left a really neat and tidy job. I was so happy.  The overall service I received was amazing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Glevum Heating to anyone who will listen – well done!

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